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Create a Vision Deck with Dea Fischer

Create a Vision Deck Workshop - a collection of cards that can be shuffled or drawn from randomly to inspire journaling, writing or other creative work, filled with inspirational imagery and prompts to inspire you.

Here is the list of what students should bring to any of the listed classes. All other materials will be provided, the cost of which is included in the fee. Let me know if you need any further information. 

Students should Bring:
 * a good pair of sharp scissors;
 * a bone folder-these are available in various sizes and materials but a 6" to 8" folder made of cow bone is preferable-these can be obtained from your art supplier;
*  a craft knife with extra blades;
 * a metal or metal-edged ruler 12" or longer;
 * a 90 degree triangle or square (a 6" sewing square is an adequate and affordable option);
 * a small cutting mat or piece of strong cardboard to cut on;
 * two large glue sticks (UHU is preferable both for performance and archival quality);
 * a pencil and sharpener;
 * Ephemera, non-copyrighted images, papers, fabrics, pens or embellishments the you may wish to use; and
 * an apron to protect your clothing if desired.

Personal Basket