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A young man sits alone on stage. He looks like us. He sounds like us. Yet he asks us to join him on an unimaginably alien journey into his recent past.

Both an intimate character study and an edge-of-your-seat thriller, Elegy fuses precision performance, an affecting soundscape and visual poetry to lure us into a playful, theatrical, humorous and personal world to reveal a story as powerful… as it is true. 

Elegy was the Australian premiere of an innovative piece from the UK exploring the unimaginable homophobia still occurring in “post-liberation” Iraq, and the horrific realities imposed on any minority group faced with no choice but to flee.

The play at first appears to be an intimate account of one man’s impossible love for his best friend but, gradually, our young man pieces together a deeper story: of love and flight, of empty train stations and bomb-blasted towns, of a world where local militia “disappear” his friends one by one.

It slowly builds to the shocking revelation that these stories are, in fact, true.

Based on verbatim interviews with refugee survivors of brutal regimes and inspired by images from photojournalist Bradley Secker, Elegy is a lyrical, searing exploration of loss, displacement and a longing for home.

Starring Nick Simpson-Deeks (The Play That Goes Wrong, Winners & Losers) and directed by John Kachoyan (Bell Shakespeare), it is a lament for lives in exile and more importantly for the dead that they have left behind.

At a time when elected leaders maintain their commitment to “turning back the boats”, and show resistance to marriage equality, this award-winning work lays bare the human cost of these vote-seeking headlines.

  • Presented by West Gippsland Arts Centre
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