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Stan and Mabel
Stan and Mabel is a fantastic new book by Jason Chapman, published by Templar.
It tells the story of two neglected animals - Stan (a dog) and Mabel (a cat) - who live in a tall tower block in the city. Although though their owners ignore them, Stan and Mabel find great comfort in the music played by the lady who lives downstairs.
But one day the music stops.
When Stan and Mabel go to investigate, they discover that their beloved neighbour has gone to Italy, to a competition to find the greatest orchestra in the world.
In a flash, Mabel decides that they should follow in her footsteps and visit the famous La Scala opera house in Milan. They just need to find some friends to join their animal orchestra first! And so the adventure begins.
  • West Gippsland Arts Centre
  • Melbourne Youth Orchestra
  • Personal Basket