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A unique series of stimulating public presentations by university-associated experts in a variety of fields – including philosophy, science, history, economics, music, literature, the arts and the social sciences – to be presented throughout Australia.  

Drawing on the treasure-trove of knowledge and expertise to be found in  Australia’s world-class universities,  ThoughtLines offers a  unique  new  opportunity for an engaging and  entertaining learning experience via  presentations –- tailored   for the general public  -- by outstanding scholars in a variety of fields, including science, history, politics, art, literature,  economics, and  philosophy.

Enjoy a day in the company of some of the nation’s most renowned experts -- hearing them talk  -- and asking them questions – about  such topics as  how the universe was formed;  artificial intelligence and the future of work ; the rise of  China and what it means for Australia; ethical behavior in the 21st Century ; the very special dinosaurs of Australia; making sense of economics; what is consciousness;   the challenges of the Anthropocene; and much more.

A ThoughtLines day of learning starts at 12.30pm and ends at 4.30pm and features  three one-hour-long presentations, including Q&A.  Time is allowed between sessions for refreshments, along with the opportunity to meet and mingle with the experts and your fellow learners. 

  • Presented by Christine Dunstan Productions and
  • West Gippsland Arts Centre
  • Personal Basket